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tow truck service

Tow Truck Service in Michighan


When looking for a reliable tow truck service in MI, call Blessed Towing today. With a wide selection of towing services, you can select the best option for you.

We understand that each car has its own factors that need to be considered before towing. At Blessed Towing we will give you just the right service you need. Call the best provider of a tow truck in MI.

Trusted Flatbed Towing in the Michighan

If you need help with towing for your all-wheel-drive car, we just have the right solution for you. At Blessed Towing we offer flatbed towing as the best towing process for your car. Why? Because flatbed towing provides safe towing of your vehicle and prevents any damage to the transmission of your car. When an all-wheel drive vehicle needs towing, no tires should be left in contact with the road as this will cause damage to your car’s engine.

So, if you have an automatic or a four-wheel drive that needs towing, call Blessed Towing today and ask for our reliable flatbed tow truck in MI.

Fastest Medium Duty Towing

You can trust our medium duty tow truck in MI to give you the service you need. Installed with all the needed tools and technological devices, our medium duty towing can accommodate a large number of vehicles. Ranging from RVs, trailers, campers, delivery vans, pick-up trucks, our medium duty can tow it all.

When stuck somewhere and need towing help immediately? You can depend on Blessed Towing to give you the help you need. Call the best provider of a tow truck in MI today.

Dependable Light Duty Towing

Our light duty tow trucks are very agile and have easy maneuverability. They are perfect in retrieving vehicles that are often stranded in many a confining situation. Furthermore, our light-duty towing is easily used form any routine calls including roadside assistance.

When cars are the problem, you can depend on our light duty tow trucks to give the assistance you need. At Blessed Towing we can give you the assistance you need wherever and whenever you need one.

Wheel Lift Towing in Michighan

Designed after the traditional hook and chains, our wheel lift tow trucks are installed with a metal yoke and a hydraulic hoist to safely and effectively transport cars.
They are a perfect choice to tow a number of vehicles especially in situations where a car is stuck during an off-road drive. You don’t have to be alone when going through situations like this. You can trust Blessed Towing to give you the assistance you need. Call us now.

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