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Stuck on the road? No need to worry now, Towing Detroit MI is here to save your day! Call us now and experience our high quality service at low rates!

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@Blessed Towing


Came from Detroit to Bloomfield Hills on
3-1-18 to get our service truck out of a driveway ditch. Dispatcher & driver very polite. Exactly how service should go! Thank you. And those stating prices high, you get what you pay for, period. They came from Detroit to Bloomfield Hills. Oakland County Sheriff Dept. Used them for their tow company and my husband remembered that.

Mar 2018


@Blessed Towing


I recently used Blessed Towing due to a broken wheel and 2 flat tires do to a ridiculous pothole on I-75. Everything was very professional, the fee was very considerate. I am very thankful to them for reaching out and taking care of my automobile and myself in a respectful manner and not breaking my bank account. Definitely deserves a 5 star rating with this personal encounter.

April 2018


@Blessed Towing


Excellent experience. Towed my vehicle within minutes of parking! Such speedy service, very impressive. And the price? Well, when they tow your car while your basically still in it they should be able to charge whatever they want. With a competitive advantage like that, I’m sure these people have a stranglehold on the towing industry. I really like how they responded to me. Highly recommened them!

Dec 2017


@Blessed Towing


My experience with Blessed Towing as of today. I got the chance to sit down with the owner of this company and that meeting was great. He really helped me with my situation and I really appreciate him for what he is doing for me during this time of frustration. They keep up the good work brother. It is always an honor to meet good people and be able to come to an agreement. Thanks

Oct 2017


@Blessed Towing


Service was faster than expected. Driver was very polite, very courteous, and professional. He was also patient with me, when dealership had us waiting for instructions on where to put vehicle.

Jun 2016


@Blessed Towing


I had a flat tire and call them up and they said there were going to be there on 30mins,but they where there in 25mins. That was the best Experience. Give them a call you wont regret it!

 Jul 2016

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